Why are these deliverables unique?

The guides or deliverables are different from any other offering because they are created by long standing industry specific professionals, have been tested in the international marketplace and are built by applying the various intelligence discipline pools to decision making. As with many of our products, they not only help identify your complete landscape and assist you in devising a way to measure the threats pertaining to these competitors, but they assist you by supporting your build of a monitoring system and C-Suite ready deliverables. Our methods and deliverables are market tested and proven and lay a robust foundation for early warning capabilities. Because they are pdf guides they teach you how to build a particular report deliverable. They allow you to copy and implement them in any program you want. They are priced to be affordable for any company, large or small. 

We understand that monitoring the market is an ongoing effort. It is important to know your market, to study the industry, to understand who your competitors are and what they are about to do. Our products prepare you to “hit the ground running” with relevant reports that you can populate with insightful information about your markets. You don’t have to invent your deliverables. We have provided quick and easy to use deliverables to jump start your program.