What is a decision guide?

The decision guide is an instruction one pager guide often referred to as the deliverable. All products are in the form of pdf based decision guides.

What is the difference between a guide and a guidebook?

Each decision guide offers suggested layouts and visuals. The guide is in the form of a snapshot product offering.  

Each guidebook is a much comprehensive and extended version of a guide.  

Each guide contains detailed information in the front of each of the products you purchase to aid the analyst in the use of that specific offering and briefly answers the following questions with X referring to the specific guidebook;

  • What is X ?
  • Why do I need to create X ?
  • Who is X intended for?
  • Who should X assist in decision making?
  • Where can I obtain source information from to populate X?
  • How often does X have to be updated?
  • How does X help me?

These are not prepopulated or editable templates but guides with examples to help you build your own deliverables.