Often the terms guides, tools, templates, frameworks are intertwined and the definitions become confusing or duplicative.  For the purposes of our offerings, we define a guidebook as a collection of information on a page or series of pages that help to answer questions but may still exist in the form of a data collection rather than extensively synthesized analysis, although it may include some.   As an example, a competitor profile is a profile of a specific competitor and may contain information concerning financials, organization and so forth.  All products are in the form of decision
All executives are different and have different preferences.  Given that, the decision support resource must often learn what resonates with and what doesn’t for the C-Suite by trial and error.   Some executives are very detailed while others are not.   There are a few common themes however that we have seen throughout our experience.   Typically, your deliverable should be short and to the point.  Refer to appendices for any heavy supporting data.   Multi-dimensional graphics and charts work well and always present solutions, impact statements and next steps with your top level 1-2 pager. 
The deliverables are clustered in 6 packs to offer a well-rounded intelligence solution that comprises deliverables from various “intelligence pools”; that is, the areas of the intelligence discipline. Each pack contains deliverables that belong to various intelligence groups and are focused on finance, marketing, customer insights, economic intelligence, competitive intelligence, and competitive technical intelligence. 
The deliverables are different from any other offerings because they are created by long standing industry specific professionals, have been tested in the international marketplace and are built by applying the various intelligence discipline pools to decision making. As with many of our products, they not only help identify your complete landscape and assist you in devising a way to measure the threats pertaining to these competitors, but they assist you by supporting your build of a monitoring system and C-Suite ready deliverables. Our methods and deliverables are market tested and proven
You may currently purchase signle guides as well as our six pack offering which consists of 6 deliverables. Each six pack is reasonably priced and offers guides that address various elements of the landscape and decisions concerning various aspects of the market.   Note that some of the individual products are contained in the packed product. Make sure that you do not duplicate your purchase. All packed products contain a detailed list of the products included in the specific pack.
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Once you purchase access to the end products you purchase you have 1 month to download the file(s) from 2 various locations /IP addresses/. After that period, or if you would like to download the product(s) from more than one IP address, you need to purchase it again.  
In case of any other issues, please contact us at Support@IntelligencePathways.com. Please describe in detail how we may assist you.
The guidebooks come in pdf format and are not editable or pre-populated.  These are C-level tested deliverables which allow for comparison and will create business insights. All the customizations will have to be made by the analysts themselves.     If you would like to engage our analysts to create, do the research and populated to your specifications, contact us at Support@IntelligencePathways.com and we would be delighted to explain the process.
There is one user license per each end product. You may purchase more copies of each product for multiple users.  They are not to be copied or duplicated and may only be done so by permission of the author.