DECISION SUPPORT SIX PACK 1 consists of the following 6 deliverables in the form of PDF Guidebooks:

►Heat Diagram (Guidebook)                                                                 ►Competitor Battle Card (Guidebook)

►Country Profile (Guidebook)                                                              ►Marimekko (Guidebook)

►Social Media Overview (Guidebook)                                                 ►Financial Side by Side (Guidebook)

The deliverables are clustered in 6 packs to offer a well-rounded intelligence solution that comprises deliverables from various “intelligence pools”; that is, the areas of the intelligence discipline. The current pack contains deliverables that belong to various intelligence groups and are focused on finance, customer insights, economic intelligence, competitive intelligence, and competitive technical intelligence.

WHAT IS A MARKET SHARE HEAT DIAGRAM? The heat diagram is a simple and effective way to illustrate a number of things but very useful way to use the one page heat diagram is to illustrate a multidimensional view on your organization’s market share and current performance.  

WHAT IS A COMPETITOR BATTLE CARD? A competitor battle card contains an analysis on the competitor’s product sets, features and advantages of their products.   It also displays a gap assessment indicating where they may have strong representation in a market and where they may be lacking products to service customers.    Battle cards are useful during the sales process and can be used by the sales force to gain traction and mindshare with customers with the goal of winning new business.

WHAT IS A COUNTRY OVERVIEW? A country profile is a guide that gives you necessary information about the country which you operate in or wish to operate in. The information is specific to that country. 

WHAT IS A MARIMEKKO? The marimekko is a powerful one page tool because it is both visual and multidimensional.  It is considered often, a favorite among high level managers because it contains a lot of data but is easy to read.    The marimekko is a graphic which may include segment data that can be read both left to right horizontally and vertically.   The various elements you are measuring, typically products, competitors, customers are usually depicted in various discernable colors.    

WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW ? The analysis contains the listed components that comprise a thorough Social Media Overview.  Filling in the Social Media Overview enables you to provide the upper management with a handy one-pager analysis with insightful information on the way the competitor is positioning and presenting themselves to their customers/ audience on social media channels. After creating the Social Media Overview deliverable you can identify whether or not the competitors’ posts are mostly about services, products, etc. Are they promoting their events? What are the trends and keywords that are highlighted most often? 

WHAT IS A FINANCIAL SIDE BY SIDE? Financial Side by Side is a supporting tool used to analyze the financial performance of your company and how it compares to the ones of your competitors. The Financial Side by Side captures a snapshot of specifically selected areas of interest which we consider of high importance. It does not apply for every company and may change depending on the industry and type of competitor (company size, location, whether it is a B2B or B2C company, etc.). We are giving you a few examples of what we consider critical C-suite ratios. Feel free to add other ratios. 


Please note that these are GUIDES. All the customizations will have to be made by the analysts themselves.

NOTE: All products come in pdf format. The product(s) consist of downloadable pdf non-editable files. All files are intended for individual use only. Note that some of the individual products are contained in the packed product. Make sure that you do not duplicate your purchase. All packed products contain a detailed list of the products included in the specific pack. 

No refunds will be issued once the product(s) have been downloaded by the end user.

This is a digital product which consists of 6 downloadable files. It is intended for individual use only.  



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